I have always had a love of cooking and on reaching a certain age I decided I would make some life changing decisions. As a consequence baRnby’s was born when I decided to open a pop up cafe in the back of The Memorial Hall in Blyth selling coffee and cake on a Saturday morning. “How hard can it be?” …. I can’t believe that I actually said those words because almost four years after the idea placed itself well and truly in my mind I KNOW exactly how hard it can be and if I ever write my life story …. well the title is right there.

No longer based in The Memorial Hall I now cook at home using the best ingredients I can source. I shop locally where possible but I am also happy to go further afield where necessary. I put a lot of time and effort and a sprinkling of “faff” (so you don’t have to ) to create mouthwatering and colourful food which is beautifully presented in eco friendly containers and delivered to homes and businesses within a 10 mile radius of Blyth.

I couldn’t have done any of this without some very special people in my life. My parents Jenifer and Neville, my daughter Laurel, Aunty Jean and of course The Guest Chef from The Deep South. They have all been a massive support to me in their different ways whether it be by cooking, washing up or listening to the trials and tribulations of starting a business and watching it grow and develop.

Sadly my dad’s no longer here to see what baRnby’s has become …. but I know that he’s looking down and will be as proud as I am of all things baRnby’s and what I have achieved with my family by my side.

BaRnby’s is my passion, it’s now my full time vocation and at times my all consuming everything and I hope that one day you will share in my enthusiasm and let me cook for you.

Cary xx

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What a perfect afternoon! Fabulous friends, the best picnic - every mouthful was savoured with more murmurs of yum and hmmm than words can convey - and in the most beautiful sunshine. Thank you so much Cary for your card, too. It was a very happy and memorable day and you played a huge part - so many, many thanks. We all enjoyed it so much. Enjoy delivery more joy today! We'll be in touch again - soon! Thank you
Shirley 25 June 2020

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