I am passionate about using the best ingredients I can in my kitchen. I try to shop locally where possible but I am not afraid to go further afield to source the finest products. Sustainability and provenance is very important as is the desire to support local businesses.

I urge you to get in touch with some of these guys, particularly the local producers, to see what they could do for you.

Home Farm Produce

I LOVE their products. Paula and Matthew supply me with beef, pork, free range chickens and eggs, all of which are reared on their farm in Grove, Retford, Notts.


Our Cow Molly

All of the butter I use in my pastry and cakes is from this business which is based in Dungworth just outside The Peak District. I will not use anything else and it’s well worth the 55 mile round trip to go and buy it…. their ice cream is pretty yummy too.


White’s of Old Cantley

All of my rapeseed oil is sourced from this fabulous local business based in Cantley, Doncaster.

On a personal note they make the most amazing lip salve too.

I keep a small stock of their unflavoured rapeseed oil for you to purchase. Please get in touch with me for further details.


Welbeck Farm Shop

A fabulous farm shop in North Nottinghamshire. They are my go to place for lamb and any meat that I can’t source from Home Farm Produce as well as fruit and vegetables, cold meats and some cheese. They also stock Welbeck Bakehouse Bread (see below)


Welbeck Bakehouse

I tend to make my own bread but if for any reason I can’t do that then this local producer is my artisan bread maker of choice. I love their four seeded sourdough crisp breads which I use regularly in my Posh Picnics and Bistro Meals.


Shipton Mill

Whilst Shipton Mill isn’t local I absolutely adore their pasta flour and this is my flour of choice when I make ciabatta and other breads, pasta (of course) and in my shortcakes and pastries. I buy it in bulk from them and also buy smaller quantities of other flours in my conscious step to move away from supermarket shopping.


Isle of White Tomatoes

Amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing flavoursome tomatoes. I have been a fan of these for some years now stocking up on them from a small organic fruit and veg shop in Guest Chef Land whenever I went to visit him. I was thrilled to find that I could have them delivered to my door and I now get a regular supply of these beauties. If you would like to buy them directly from me please get in touch.



These are the major importer of Spanish food to the UK and unbeknown to them are part of my story and linked in a small way to what I do now. The quality of their nuts, pulses, olives and olive oil is second to none and they sell the most amazing olive oil crisps. If you think my caramelised almonds, chickpea smashes, stuffed olives and the like are off the scale of amazing that is because the starting product is off the scale of amazing too …. and I am more than happy for you to buy from me directly.


Stichelton Cheese

Passionate about supporting English Cheeses this is one of the best and made just down the road from me.


Look what my clients say

We have been really busy decorating today and being able to have the most delicious pie for tea was perfect! The way you put together locally sourced top quality ingredients is inspiring. You can tell you cook from the heart in everything you make!! Thank you so much
Kerry, 1 June

Enjoy baRnby's

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