When I started baRnby’s I vowed that I would only make food I liked to eat and I have stuck to that 100%. However when I have been in my kitchen all day I don’t always fancy what I’ve made and I will often have something completely different to eat. My sausage rolls totally buck that trend …. It doesn’t matter how many I make or what time of day I make them and just can’t resist them.

My favourite is to have them when they have been out of the oven a short while, with a big dollop of chutney on the side. Some people like them hot, some prefer them cold, some people have them with chips and baked beans for tea or a with a sexy salad for lunch. They have been bought by amazing bosses to treat their workforce and are also a regular feature on the golf course.

Some customers like to have a stash in their freezer to cook as and when they have the need whereas others like to collect them freshly baked and don’t forget they ALWAYS form part of one of my Posh, Posher or Poshest Picnics.

How would you prefer yours I wonder?

So what makes my sausage rolls my most talked about and best loved product and may I be as bold to say “things of absolute beauty” ? Well the pastry is handmade from scratch, the pork and butter is locally sourced direct from the farm, the sage freshly picked from my garden….Oh and there is a little bit of Cary magic sprinkled in there as well to create the perfect balance of crispy crunchy pastry and tasty meaty filling.

I also make vegetable slices using the same hand made buttery pastry encasing layers of peppers, onions, courgettes and mushrooms with toasted flaked almonds for a bit of added crunch.

My gluten free versions of sausage rolls and veggie slices are made to the same recipes and with the same generous fillings but the pastry is of course …. gluten free.

These are artisan products made in small batches so you might see slight differences in the individual sizes. I try to cut them as evenly as possible but occasionally you might find a biggie in there. However if you buy a batch of 6 you know you are getting the right portion size overall and your only dilemma will be who gets the biggie if there is one in your order …. Oh and of course are 6 really enough !!

To Order

If you live in the locality of Blyth, North Nottinghamshire my sausage rolls and veggie slices are now available all year round as I shall be making them almost every week. If you would like to place an order or are a local business who think that you’d like to include these as part or your repertoire and would like to know about wholesale rates please get in touch to make an enquiry.

If you live further afield you can still get your hands on these beauties as I am now able to send them from my door to yours by courier. Please go to my shop to place your order or get in touch to make an enquiry.

Look what my clients say

Well folks these veggie slices taste as good as they look. They were all packaged up ready for transporting down south for our family party . They were a real hit . They freeze & reheat so well too. Intended for our vegetarians but eaten by all!!!! Scrumptious & Cary even made separate ones for the non mushroom eater, along with our family faves her divine sausage rolls…. “ They are THE best, “ everyone says.

Enjoy baRnby's

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